1984 Competition: #BigBrother CCTV

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Competition time! By tapping into the local CCTV feed, Big Brother has been watching the area pictured below. Do you know where this is? Somewhere in this area Winston has hidden a container with a prize winning ticket for:

  • 2 tickets to see 1984 on the performance of your choice
  • a copy of the original 1984 novel
  • a selection of exclusive 1984 badges
  • a 1984 show poster
  • the satisfaction you have taken on and beaten Big Brother

1984 Roundabout CCTV

The first person to find the ticket and send in a photo of themselves with it is the winner. Remember Big Brother is watching you… GO!

1984 Prizes

Terms and conditions

  1. The competition will close when the someone finds the container and emails us using the designated address inside or Monday 8th September (whichever occurs soonest)
  2. The winner may choose to attend any performance of 1984 from 9th September to 13th September at the Theatre Royal Plymouth
  3. Prizes can’t be exchanged for anything else and have no cash value
  4. The person who finds the container should email as soon as they can
  5. Once placed, the Theatre Royal Plymouth accepts no responsibility for the container
  6. The winner will be announced on our social media channels when they finder contacts us
  7. If you have any more questions email us

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