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The Hour... Blog - Sarah Donaldson, Deputy Stage Manager and Rehearsal Photographer

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As both Deputy Stage Manager and Rehearsal Photographer of this performance it’s safe to say that I have been spending a lot of my free time at TR2. We rehearse three times a week and I have to find the balance between managing the rehearsal space and capturing it. The show features over 400 characters with over 250 props so being on top of who goes where and with what has been a massive priority (especially as some of the props include a coffin & a boat). Despite this using a lot of brainpower, the rehearsals have also been a lot of fun. Nothing beats seeing people come out in new biblical costumes holding random props and attempting to portray an entire person in just a few seconds. It’s pretty interesting to watch just one person portray several characters.

I’ve aimed to photograph every department involved in the production. As the People’s Company is about people, I believe it to be important to capture not just what is happening on stage but also what is happening to the people both on and off it. As with every rehearsal process, relationships are made and built upon so capturing the people as they build these bonds is important to me. Stage Management and the Design team play a huge part in this production so showing their developments and achievements is also important to capture. My photographs aim to show a narrative of the rehearsals as well as showcasing the stylized movements and stories happening on the stage.

Overall, I believe that the People’s Company is really important for building both theatrical skills and relationships. And for The Hour, I’m lucky enough to contribute my skills to the People’s Company by calling the show and displaying my photographs outside the Drum.

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