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I am a long standing member of the People’s Company and one of the performing cast members of The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other The auditions, formation of the Company, the read through and early blocking rehearsals are all over, and currently we are about half way through ‘the script’ in the rehearsal process.

For most of us this is a completely new experience. This play has no dialogue. The script, in reality, is a long series of stage directions, but our performance will NOT be silent. As I have grown older, the learning of lines can take a little longer, therefore this should be easier. Wrong! An actor’s entrances and exits are usually cued by certain parts of the dialogue! Help!

There are some 450 characters within this play and some 22 actors in the company. We each, therefore, carry a multitude of characters, and for each one of those, we have to create a complete back story and determine why we inhabit this street at this time, before we begin rehearsing. Our support team are working as hard, having their own problems – costuming and props for all those characters, sound, production and direction – all in support of the actors.

The joy for me personally of working in a PC ensemble cast is the mix of ages, gender and experience that we each bring and share with each other and potentially our audiences. We are having fun in rehearsals and I hope that, that fun and our enthusiasm for, and playing with, ‘The Hour’ will result in a piece of theatre that our audiences will appreciate.

Running from Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th February, tickets are £9.70 with concessions at £5.70 (inclusive of 70p per ticket booking fee) and are available to book online at or through our Box Office on 01752 267222.

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