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Opposite from Nic (see previous blog post), I am not a long-standing member of the People’s Company. In fact, I’m brand new. By day I am a scientist, but recently I decided to venture out and try something that I have always been interested in doing, but just haven’t had the courage. After seeing the People’s Company, and The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other, advertised on Facebook, I auditioned and was beyond excited (it was almost embarrassing) when offered a part. I now have this amazing opportunity to participate in not just a theatrical production, but one with the added bonus of being a little bit different! The lack of dialogue felt less intimidating for me at the onset, but I can assure you that it really is difficult, and we haven’t even reached the difficult parts. I often leave rehearsals exhausted.

Being new, one might think that I would be worried about working with people that have way more experience than I do and that I might easily get overwhelmed. But it hasn’t been that way. Moments of self-doubt are a given, but from the very first day we stepped into the rehearsal room, I was met with kind, friendly and supportive faces. It has warmed my heart! It has to be the best part about doing something like this— being able to work closely with such a fun and friendly group of people. Being that I am also relatively new to Plymouth (and England) it has opened up a new world to me, and I am very appreciative of that. And in this case, I think it’s great too that it’s a new experience for even the seasoned actors in the company, which makes me feel at least a little bit more like I really do have a place in this.

Before Christmas, our initial efforts covered the logistics of casting- I volunteered for characters, ranging from little girl to lumberjack to lighthouse keeper, without really knowing what lay in store for me down the road. Now that we’re halfway-ish there, I can say that things are definitely ramping up and keeping cues, costumes and stories straight is a challenge. But while a bit of anxiety is creeping in, and it feels that my constant silly grin is now occasionally replaced with what must be looks of slight concern, the excitement is still there, perfectly intact. I still feel incredibly lucky and happy to be a part of this, and am impressed every time I come to rehearsal and see what the directors have come up with, and what we then create. I am confident that the end product will be amazing!

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