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Young people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are using a floating island as inspiration for visual and performance art work, with the help of the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

They will be asked to decide what might be on their imaginary island and create a mini play about it – it could include anything from dragons and dinosaurs, to hot air balloons for transportation. Visual elements of the participants’ imaginary island will be built with the assistance Plymouth Arts Centre’s freelance artists, and practitioners from the Theatre Royal Plymouth will help the group ‘explore’ the island, performing and interacting with it.

It’s part of a wider programme of inclusion work which helps young people who need additional support, at the same time as offering their families some respite.

The project is inspired by Nowhereisland, an art project by Alex Hartley, who found an island in the melting ice of an Arctic glacier. The island was sailed into international waters and declared a new nation and will now travel around the South West as part of the Cultural Olympiad. The group of young people will be going to Jennycliff on 10th August to see the island, although members of the public can welcome the island to Plymouth on the 9th.

Click here to find out about Nowhereisland and here to find out more about the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Creative Learning projects.

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