(He doesn’t usually look quite so Dickensian, this was Robbie dressed up for the opening night of Top Hat in 2011!)

Who does what at the Theatre Royal: Marketing Manager

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If you’re a regular at Backstage Blog, you’ll probably already know a little bit about me as the Digital Marketing Officer – stalking James Corden, crashing pantomime launches, spying on rehearsals and, what I’m supposed to do which is looking after the website, social media and e-marketing. But, what about everyone else? Did you know that there are currently 282 people employed by the Theatre Royal?!

So, I thought, enough about me, it’s time you met some of my extremely talented colleagues – and, perhaps they’ll give you some ideas and inspiration for a career in theatre of your own.

Meet Robbie Kings (my boss):

Robbie joined the Theatre Royal in 2000 as Group Sales Co-ordinator and has progressed through the organisation from there to Marketing Assistant, Marketing Officer and then into his current role. If you’re looking for a career in theatre, Robbie is a great example of how commitment and a sharp brain and can help you progress. Robbie’s not taken a degree in marketing but his time at the Theatre not only makes him an oracle of knowledge about how it all works but ongoing training keeps him up to date with industry practice. He’s also very appreciative of the work on our stages and which is essential. It can be pretty hard to sell something you don’t care about so if you’re not passionate about sharing the joy of theatre then marketing probably isn’t the department for you.

A typical day in the life of our Marketing Manager might include:

  • writing a marketing campaign for a show – we have a marketing budget for each of the shows on our stages and it’s up to the marketing department to design a campaign that will raise awareness of the production in ways most suited to the production, whether that’s advertising on buses, sending a mail out or distributing leaflets around the region
  • liaising with our Chief Exec, Adrian Vinken, on potential shows – before we book anything we have to be sure that it’s financially viable. Robbie will assist Adrian by proving sales reports for similar previous productions that will help Adrian make a more informed choice
  • managing us lot! – there are four of us in the marketing department and it’s Robbie’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that we have the support we need to carry out the marketing campaigns, our What’s On brochures are produced accurately and on time and that most importantly, he keeps us all together and working efficiently as a team (and not spending too much time loitering outside James Corden’s dressing room.)

Obviously, there are million other things that Robbie takes care of, but if you think you might be interested in a career in theatre marketing, here’s a short video on Robbie and what he does – it was filmed a couple of years ago now so it’s a bit dated but will give you some idea.

Hope you enjoyed – drop me a line if there are any particular career or roles you’re interested in and I’ll see if I can give you some insight…

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