The Weight of Recycling

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Staff at the Theatre Royal have recycled 82kg (over 12 stones) of batteries collected over the past year – around the same weight as a grown man!

Theatres and other entertainment venues use high numbers of batteries for things like portable sound equipment, and if they’re not recycled, they go to landfill, potentially releasing chemicals like lead, mercury or cadmium.

As part of a wider initiative across the industry called Better Batteries, the next step for the Theatre Royal Plymouth will be moving to rechargeable battery systems which, as well as helping the environment, can help to save money.The West End production of Wicked, for example, has used nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries since June, and 15 weeks later broke even on the purchase of their rechargeable battery system.It’s saved purchasing over 2,500 batteries, equivalent to more than 500 (full case study here) .

The Theatre Royal Plymouth has been given Industry Green certification by Julie’s Bicycle, an organisation which helps and encourages the arts and creative industries to reduce their environmental impact – find out more about the theatre’s involvement here.

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