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*Lecture Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth, Drakes Circus PL4 8AA
Wednesday 10 December at 6.30pm

To celebrate International Human Rights Day and the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Drum Theatre Plymouth present the Winning Play of the Protect the Human playwriting competition.

One of three finalists, listed below, selected from over 125 scripts, one play will be picked as the winner of the 2008 competition. This play will be announced on Tuesday 9 December 2008 and will receive a rehearsed reading, directed by David Prescott, at Lecture Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building, Unviersity of Plymouth on Wednesday 10 December 2008.

There’s Loads of Them in Burnley, Thais by Anna Clarkson
Mae has never eaten a ready meal, been to TK Maxx or tasted mushy peas and Graham Fairclough has only got six weeks to teach her. But with ex-wife and landlady of The Clog and Rocket, Marie, offering up some home truths he might not even have that long.
“Why the ‘ell else ‘as she come to Burnley? It’s not for t’weather is it? And it’s certainly not for ‘im, ‘e’s no oil paintin’ is ‘e?”

*_After the Accident_ by Julian Armitstead
*The house was where they – Petra, Jimmy and Charley – were going to be happy, then Leon broke through the security gates taking their happiness with him. Four years later they have the chance to meet face to face, confronting what’s been hidden for so long behind locked doors.
“It’s not all on your side. I’m saying, you’re not the only ones to have suffered for this. You’re not the only ones.”

Lullaby by Dominic Leggett
Beth’s got the house ready for Ray’s return from war. But his arrival brings more than just dirty washing and there are some stains that no amount of scrubbing can remove.
_“They keep their cool and look you straight in the eye, then you spot there’s a foot tapping, or a twitch at the side of the mouth – The body betrays them every time.”
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