Theatre Royal Plymouth awarded a theatre first for Energy Efficiency

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The Theatre Royal Plymouth has become the first theatre in the UK to be accredited by the Energy Institute under the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme, joining top businesses and organisations including BT, Tesco, HSBC, Marks & Spencer and Manchester United Football Club.

The Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme (EEAS) is an independent award scheme recognising the achievements of organisations in industry, commerce and the public sector in reducing energy consumption. Accreditation is managed by the National Energy Foundation on behalf of the Carbon Trust.

Adrian Vinken, Chief Executive said: “In confronting the reality of global environmental change all businesses must accept responsibility for immediately taking all possible measures to reduce their energy footprints. It is part of the core responsibility of every business leader to treat this issue as a priority. We are very proud that the Theatre Royal Plymouth is the first theatre in the UK to be accredited for its achievements in this field.”

Evaluations are carried out by independent assessors who examine the organisation’s performance in a number of areas – the management’s commitment to energy efficiency such as procedures for monitoring and controlling energy consumption; energy efficiency improvements including evidence of a reduction in specific energy consumption and investment in energy efficiency measures including provisions in financial plans to improve energy efficiency and the consideration of energy saving in new purchases. Organisations that meet the standards required by the scheme then go on to be accredited. Accreditation is for three years and during this time the organisation must continue to demonstrate its commitment to energy efficiency.

Paul Renyard, Director of Corporate Services said: “The Energy Efficiency accreditation recognises our attention to detail in significantly reducing electricity and natural gas consumption year on year, whilst acknowledging our three year action plan to further improve our carbon footprint. The Theatre’s Environmental & Energy Team continues to review all aspects of our business, from waste segregation to water conservation, constantly striving to improve our financial and environmental efficiency.”

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