Does your dog have aspirations to be a star of the stage?

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If so, this is your big opportunity to take the lead and enter your dog into the ‘Bone Idol’ Competition!

The producers of HERGS ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, currently on a major national tour and playing the Theatre Royal Plymouth from Tuesday 30 October to Saturday 27 October, are delighted to be offering the chance for a local dog to win a part in the highly acclaimed show.

All you have to do is match your cheeky canine’s characteristics to that of Snowy – Tintin’s faithful companion – and send a photo. It’s then up to the public to vote for the dog they believe most deserves to act on stage in the mid-week matinee performance.

The criteria: *

  • Does your pet dog look like Snowy and have Snowy’s characteristics?
  • Is he gutsy, greedy, cheeky and loveable?
  • Is he faithful, photographic, friendly and resourceful?
  • Is he obedient?

You will win:

  • The opportunity for your dog to appear on stage during the week Tintin is at the Theatre Royal Plymouth
  • A press photo-call with members of the cast of Tintin
  • A pair of tickets to the show in which your dog is performing in Plymouth
  • A signed programme
  • A winner’s certificate signed by the cast

How to enter:*
If you would like to enter, please go to the show’s official website and click through to the Bone Idol competition page.

You will need:*

  • A dog
  • A digital cameral
  • Access to a computer
  • Permission from your parents (unless you are over 16) to enter
  • To be available to attend the press launch
  • To be available to “mind” you dog while he is at the theatre
  • To be able to persuade all your friends and family to go on-line and vote for your dog

What happens then?
*All entries will be posted on the show website and the public to vote for who best resembles Snowy. In the event there are no votes cast, the vote will go to the producers and cast of Tintin. If your dog has made it into the final 3 – you will be contacted directly by the producers.

Producer Disclaimer*
Health and Safety in the production of Hergs Adventures of Tintin is the Producers’ priority and they are therefore under no obligation, if they believe it to be against the interests of the show or audience, to guarantee the dog will perform.

The owner must accept full responsibility for the comfort and safety of their dog whilst in the theatre

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