Caroline Quentin at the Drum Theatre

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Caroline Quentin makes a welcome return to the stage this autumn in Robin Soans’ play Life After Scandal which comes to the Drum Theatre Plymouth later this month.

Perhaps best known for her television roles in Blue Murder, Men Behaving Badly and Jonathan Creek, to name but a new, the British actress is set to play Christine Hamilton in this new verbatim play based on interviews with Neil and Christine Hamilton, Charles and Diana Ingram, Jonathan Aitken, Edwina Currie, Craig Murray and others.

Life After Scandal will be performed in the Drum Theatre Plymouth from 24 October – 10 November, taking you behind the closed curtains and beyond the reach of the telephoto lenses to explore our paparazzi-infested world from the other side, as those implicated in some of the most notorious scandals of the last fifty years talk frankly about the events which transformed their lives.

Life After Scandal is a co production between the Drum Theatre Plymouth and Hampstead Theatre.

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