Information for Writers

Information for Writers

The Drum produces four or five new plays a year in stand-alone or co-production with some of the leading and creative theatre producers in the country. It also, through the Theatre Royal Plymouth Creative Learning Department, commissions new plays for Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Young Company and People’s Company and ongoing school’s projects such as Playhouse which creates 20 minute scripts for Year 5 & 6 assemblies.

The majority of new play productions are of our own commissioned plays or co-productions and it is rare for a submitted script to be produced, although it can lead to further involvement with the company.

The Theatre Royal Plymouth is unable to accept unsolicited scripts but will consider work through channels known to us, i.e. agents, directors, producers, actors, theatre companies, established playwright groups and also writers from Devon and Cornwall.

We only read full length plays and ask that writers send the script in hard copy and not by email.

We are looking for submissions of stage plays and not other genres such as pantomimes, musicals, educational, performance theatre or for radio, television, film and broadcast mediums.

Please enclose a brief covering letter with a short synopsis and a stamped addressed envelope for its return. All plays received without return postage will be recycled.

Your play should be type-written, clearly laid out, double-spaced and on A4 paper. On the front title page please include your address, telephone number, email (for acknowledgement) and date.

Plays usually take four months to go through our reading system and you will receive an acknowledgement and later a response, once it has been read and considered by the Theatre’s Readers’ Panel. Some feedback will be given when it is felt to be warranted. We cannot read further drafts of scripts we have read and responded to before unless specifically asked for.

If you are looking for new writing theatre companies with a free and comprehensive script reading service you could try:

Paines Plough
Royal Court
Soho Theatre

Please read and consider their submission policies carefully before applying.