Told By An Idiot

Practitioner Training and Development - 29th & 30th January 2015

The Theatre Royal Plymouth is offering a two day training event at TR2 for practitioners keen to explore and further develop their practice. Over the two days we will be offering 4 half day workshops, with leading companies. The training will allow practitioners to share and develop their skills whilst also networking with others working within the arts in the South West.

29th January – 10am – 5pm

Touchstone Shakespeare Theatre
Touchstone Shakespeare Theatre was set up 12 years ago by actors working together at the RSC. Touchstone work with students on the autistic spectrum using Shakespeare, modern texts, poetry and film genres. Over the years they have developed innovative games and exercises that unlock creativity, build social skills and increase confidence. They’re currently working for the National Theatre running workshops in schools throughout the UK on “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”.

Told By An Idiot – The Way Of The Idiot
This intensive workshop will examine what lies at the heart of Told By An Idiot.
Drawing on their repertoire of productions dating back to 1993 and exploring all facets of their work including liberating the performer, approaches to writing, and the importance of spontaneity.
The Way Of The Idiot will offer a unique insight into one of Britain’s leading theatre companies.

30th January – 10am – 5pm

Clean Break
Clean Break was set up in 1979 by two women prisoners who believed that theatre could bring the hidden stories of imprisoned women to a wider audience. Still the only women’s theatre company of its kind today, they remained true to these roots, continuing to inspire playwrights around the complex theme of women and crime. The session will draw upon Clean Break’s experience of practical work with vulnerable women, but allow for reflections and discussion to draw out the relevance for all vulnerable groups and inclusive practice in general.

Lee Hart, Staff Director
In this session with the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Staff Director you will explore authenticity, playfulness, and spontaneity – looking at how we develop these qualities in our own work and how we facilitate an experience that allows others to develop them too.

£30 for one day
£50 for both days

To book please call Oliver Bond on 01752 230379.